Accommodation management in London

If you are a home owner in London, maybe you’re considering getting listed in Airbnb for renting or letting on short-term basis. Airbnb represents a great alternative for tourists to the overpriced generic hotel stays, and focuses on providing a natural stay and experience for travelling foreigners.

How you can fit in Airbnb as a host?

While you are on a holiday or on a business trip away from home, you can rent out your property. The income from it will always benefit you for example to cover your travelling expenses while you were away from London.

For this purpose you will need to create your great Airbnb listing and to provide high-class guest accommodation management. If you do not have the necessary skills or the time needed, then you need help from a professional Airbnb management.

Get professional accommodation management

In order to achieve great results we suggest you get help from a professional Management company for property management in London. WinwInnKeeper provides Premium Airbnb management that takes care for your property accommodation as well as for Airbnb property listing.

WinInnKeeper offers professional services that include online communication, managing the rental, pricing options, insurance, software applications, video tutorials on how to handle your queries and practical advices for property cleaning! Moreover, you will get additional advices on how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

WinwInnKeeper is a short-term property management solution on property accommodation. With their service you get 24/7 premium management. The service may include by your desire:

  • Interior design help and professional photography- home redecorating if needed and advices from design experts;
  • Cleaning service and Laundry before and after guest’s stay. All the toiletries and home essentials replenished for you: Shampoo, Shower Gel, Toilet rolls, Tea, Coffee Sugar etc.
  • Welcoming service for the guests.

But more importantly, with WinwInnKeeper premium Airbnb management you will increase not only the quality of your property, but your monthly income!

Set up a meeting with WinwInnKeeper team!

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