I do a lot of reply emails to my customers who are having a hard time cleaning jetted tubs and actually getting them to come clean, emailing me as their last resort in lieu of taking a sledgehammer to the jetted tub. Now, I am not saying here that the bio cleaner cleaning is not working, it is, but we have to take a look at what it is cleaning.

Everyone has had to take off the catch pipe of your kitchen or bathroom sink. You peek into it and start to gag. Hair, foodstuff, oils, toothpaste, you get the picture. When these pipes clog you go to a very harmful and harsh chemical called “Drano”. Drano is an extremely dangerous acid that dissolves everything in its way (over time). There actually is a green “Drano” type cleaner for plumbing called “Bio Clean” and is available from your local plumber. What you see in the sink piping is not exactly what you see in jetted tub piping but the gunk buildup analogy is similar.

Jet tub piping and jets are horizontal with a bit of an arch to get as much of the water out of them as possible, but water is retained in these pipes and jets. Inside the water is your bath water that cleaned you and you thought went down the drain. Hair, oils, dead skin, dirt, grease, makeup, etc are part of the leftover water and look very similar to the sink piping in just a matter of days. This is fodder for breading algae, bacteria and then mold and mildew in the pipes and jets and it happens very fast. Over time, if you don’t use the jetted tub, the water (fuel) dries up, the bacteria laden breading ground or bio-film becomes hardened gunk. If you use the jetted tub often and don’t clean it properly then the bio-film stays alive creating more bacteria and microscopic baddies that you will never seen in your clean bathing water.

When you use the jetted regularly, and clean it weekly, the bio-film will be scrapped off the walls and jets and down the drain leaving a green sanitizer in your tub piping. This is the ideal situation for jetted tub owners, but like most things in life, our jetted tub is not used that frequently, and not cleaned weekly. Flaking shows up when the hard dead detritus starts to break up. Another quick analogy is that we know that even though rust flakes, the rust is still present on metal pipes unless cleaned properly and re-coated. You use one of the “recommended” three to clean your jetted tub after you notice flaking, for which you notice that they do little to actually rid the jetted tub piping of flaking. If the gunk does not come out, then it is still in there.

The Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner for Jetted Tubs literally scrapes the layers of detritus (gunk) off of the pipe and jet walls, depositing them on the foaming action and to the tub sides for easy cleaning. It is IMPORTANT to note that the bio cleaner scrapes layers of gunk and there may be many layers of gunk in your jetted tub to scrape so a “One Time” cleaning is not going to do it.

One of the most important features of the Ahh-Some Bio Cleaners is that it is a concentrate and being a concentrate, we can give you, the consumer, a very inexpensive product to clean your jetted tub with. By using only 1/2 teaspoon (single person tub), you get 24 cleaning applications with a 2oz jar. With an average price of $20, it actually costs you about 83 cents per cleaning.

Over time, cleaning jetted tubs properly with the weekly bathroom cleaning cycle, your jetted tub will be your best friend when you really need to use. Bacteria Free!